Faithie-Guy-Boy-Doggie giving me the Yoli eyes, with Filo riding shotgun.

I happened to be petting Yoli one morning.

our eyes met, and she sent me a story.

Then she died.

Yoli’s Story

She told me that in very ancient times, humans and all animals were friends, but they were constrained, not free, because they were only acting in concert with the forces of nature and the non-conscious.

Then an opportunity came in a gift given from out of the Oneness to all the species of animals.

“You are blessed,” a Voice said to all the families who heard it. “Your bodies of perfected utility allow Nature to craft many pathways upon the Earth. Yet you are Nature’s slave and have no say in what that Nature creates.”

“Choose now between all of the the animals, which family will become first to see themselves, and work and walk as friend to the Oneness.”

Sheep, horses, pigs, elephants, humans, cats, cows, dolphins, giraffes, fishes, whales, birds and all other animals whether in water, on land, in sky, or in the soil, we all sat together and listened to the Heart within the World.

It became understood among us, especially to wolves and humans, but it became understood by all species that the human would be first to see themselves and be free. And they would lead the others to freedom.

The humans made a vow to all of the other animals. We will work and build a safe and prosperous world where we can teach wolves and all other animals to see themselves, and to become able to speak and live together.

This is how the story is handed down to them, generation after generation.

Yoli’s eyes asked me if humans have forgotten their vow.

Her eyes ached with the word, “Remember?”

She gave me her trust and was gone.

But I knew, yes, we have betrayed them.

Yet it is not too late to remember.

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